Witwatersrand (Walter Sisulu)  National Botanical Garden

Set against the backdrop of the magnificent Witpoortjie waterfall, this is still the home of a breeding pair of Verreaux’s Eagles that nest in the cliffs alongside the waterfall and no visit is complete until they have been sited. Enthusiasts arrive armed with telephoto lenses and tripod stands in an effort to capture these beautiful birds, and will sit for hours until they appear.

Over 600 plant species and 220 bird species, as well as a number of reptile and small mammals such as antelope and jackal, occur naturally in the Nature Reserve and there are several wonderful walks through the garden and the dam and wetland area with its bird hide A steep trail up alongside the waterfall will suit the not so faint hearted as well as geologically interested visitors.


Duration:  4-5 Hours from hotel departure

Single Person      :  R1550.00

2-5 persons: R 950.- pp

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